Latest Update: February 01, 2003

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Tarot Reflections is a bi-monthly, web-based publication of the ATA containing insightful essays, informative reviews, guided meditations, tarot-related humor ... and more! Archives of back issues are maintained online.

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This Issue's Featured Article:
Stars and Cards - Mercury Retrogrades for 2003

Useful astrological information you can use to enhance your readings!

Shadow Essay: The Hierophant
Pope? Priest? Dogmatic leader? Worldly father? Sandra Thomson explores the shadow dimensions of the Hierophant.

Deck Review: Builders of the Adytum Tarot
Christopher delaMaison examines the black-and-white deck designed for initiates to color as part of their introduction to a mystical school.

Deck Review: Comparative Tarot
Sheila Hall takes a first look at one of the most unique new Tarot packs on the market -- a deck incorporating four images on each card!


Meditation: The Lovers
Stretch your imagination with this Tarot-inspired visualization.

A Wisdom Reading
James Wells shares simple exercises offering profound truths.

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