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Tarot Reflections

February 2006

My Inner Angel

My Inner Angel is the monthly contribution of a group of dedicated Tarot readers/lovers.

This group of friends taps from the Tarot wisdom each month, with the aim of channeling the vibes of the universe.

Some cards are drawn for the month to come, and these cards are synthesized into a poem and an article elaborating a little more on the poem's messages.

The members of the group are:
Arielle S.
Bev C.
Dennis C.
Hic C.
Mark M.
Maureen M.
Pablo L.
Peggy G.
Vasiliki P.


Cards and Initial Comments for February

From the Tiny Universal Waite - the Queen of Wands

All in me is pride.

My robe
My scepter
My crown

It is through beauty
that I see
It is through vision
that I feel
It is through passion
that I love.

From the tiny Fairy Tarot - Strength
This card shows a gnome pulling a tree up from the ground. The roots of the tree are still in the ground, however. The Strength card's energy is often thought of as "quiet determination, gentle persuasion over force." True strength isn't always about muscle - it's about courage and faith and patience. Truth and love are not always visible but they are always there even if the roots are below the ground.

From the World Spirit Tarot - The Chariot, card 7

"Know thou the soul as the Chariot driver... the body as a chariot. Know thou the intellect as the chariot driver/and the mind as the reins."

From Tarot Nova - 4 of Pentacles reversed

This card shows a mischievous piggy stealing away with an armload of pentacles -- but the card is reversed, so you get the feeling that he won't get away with it. A key for this card is Physical Action so the message here seems to be a warning: February is a good month to take initiative but be cognizant of the intention behind the action. Greed and ill will may not be as hidden as you think!

Sum Cards
13 + 11 + 7 + 4 = 35 = Queen of Wands

3 + 5 = 8 = Justice / Strength

(We used 11 as a numerical value for Strength as this is the way it is numbered in the Fairy Tarot deck above, so perhaps both Sum cards should be fit in this case.)


It is quiet and slow healing
that manifests to shine its light
as the long-hidden thorns emerge
to claim their right to tears.

Tears marking the forbidden line
leading to the realm of the ego
where self-gratification, defensiveness
-and all the other mice- rule.

Tears almost invisible,
and yet invincible,
taking away the fear, the greed, the pain
cleansing the soul's wounded crystal.

The soul
forever longing
for a glimpse
of Paradise lost.


Dearest friends, it takes the Queen's gifted bravery, Strength's inner motive of pure love, the Charioteer's stable hand and self-restraint, and the self-awareness and ability to criticize the self of the 4 of Pentacles to achieve the treasured goal of the soul: to be honest and true. True to us, first and foremost, and then to all other souls around us.

May this month be the first step towards this goal.


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