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The ATA provides its resource page as a service to our members and the Tarot community at large. If you have questions about how sites are added to our Resource page, please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

We appreciate your site recommendations, and invite you to submit sites for consideration using the form below (all fields are required):

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Site Submisison FAQ

Why can't I submit a Great Tarot Site?

The ATA will consider any site submitted under any category for "Great Tarot Site" status. Submit your site under the most appropriate category. If it qualifies for Great Tarot Site status, we'll automatically place it on our page under Great Tarot Sites.

What makes a site a Great Tarot Site?

A combination of three things. First, we look for labors of love -- a site committed to providing a great free service to the Tarot community at large. Second, we look for depth, scope, and originality of content. Finally, in addition to standing the test of time, Great Tarot Sites tend to be widely recognized as a destination of importance by a large number of ATA members.

How do you determine whether or not a site will be added to the Resource page?

Links to ATA member sites are provided as a benefit of membership. Other links are strictly provided at the ATA's sole discretion.

How long before my site is added to the Resource page?

We update this page regularly. However, because we receive so many submissions, we regret we cannot provide updates as to when (or whether) a particular site will appear on the page.

Is everyone featured on the Resource page an ATA Member? Have they endorsed the ATA in some way ... or has it endorsed them?

Sites featured on our resource page are provided as a service to our members and guests. The pages we link to may or may not be operated by members of the ATA. By linking to a site, the ATA does not endorse it; nor should appearance on our Resources page be taken as an endorsement of the ATA by a given site's owner(s).

I'm not an ATA member. Can I still get a link to my personal Tarot page?

We provide links to member sites as a benefit to our members. If your site qualifies in another category (Vendors, for example), you may certainly be listed without being a member.

Do you charge for vendor links?

No, but the ATA reserves the right to feature vendors at our discretion. Vendors are encouraged to submit their links; every link submitted will be considered, but not all will be accepted.

I'm a tarot reader / deck seller / book dealer. Can I get a vendor link?

You're welcome to submit your site for consideration. As always, the ATA reserves the right to feature vendors at our discretion. Vendors are encouraged to submit their links; every link submitted will be considered.

What's the status of my submission to the Resource page?

The ATA adds links to this page at its discretion. Because of the high volume of submissions we receive, we cannot comment on the status of any one submission, nor can we discuss why a particular link was or was not accepted.

Can I be listed in more than one category -- say, Vendor and ATA member?

We prefer for a link to appear one time, under the most appropriate category.

What's the graphic with the word on it for?

We have found ourselves inundated with submissions for inappropriate sites. A majority of these have filled in the blanks with information that does not apply to the question asked (usually the URL for the site). This typically means that a "bot" is submitting the site without human intervention. The graphic is our way of telling human from "bot". No known "bot" can read text that is presented in graphic form, so only humans will be able to input the code word in the graphic. We hope to stem the flood of inappropriate sites so that we can actually inspect and add valid Tarot sites.

Your question not answered here? Please submit it to our webmaster.