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Tarot Reflections

  February 1, 2003

Wisdom Reading
James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based Tarot Consultant, Reiki Master, weaver of rituals, and workshop facilitator. His mission is to provide sacred space for soul work and constructive feedback so that all may enjoy insight and healing. He can be reached through his website.

  Today, I'm using the New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot.

Question: "What is wisdom?"

Response: 5 OF PENTACLES. Wisdom is the ability to make practical changes when adversity strikes. It is acute knowledge of all states of being, all conditions of life. Wisdom is carefulness with one's resources, based upon experience. It is a willingness to shake up old security patterns when we are complacent. Wisdom is compassionately attending another life through all times of life, through good and bad.

Question: "What is a question?"

Answer: ACE OF CUPS. A question is a seed of relatedness, a doorway to intimacy, and a wish for greater depth. Questions, not answers, are the real Holy Grail, the source of nourishment. A question is a deep pool waiting for us to dive in, a surface upon which to float our ideas, an offering of pure trust, and the root of societal clustering.



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